Hello! Welcome to my blog, I’m Angel Tacbad.

+Personal Style Blogger of AT&Things. I lose a lot of weight during college and in need of new wardrobe. By reading a lot of fashion magazine, I was inspired to create my own looks. I started posting my pictures in Lookbook (Angel T.) and then I create this blog to share more of my looks to a lot of people. I hope my posts would help you define your style and make your own looks.

+Food Lover. I love food, who doesn’t?

+Healthy Baker. I love to cook and bake, I might be a chef if I didn’t pursue medicine. But I try to balance the sweetness of my dessert. Most of my recipe had less amount of sugar and I often use brown sugar or muscovado sugar.

+Fitness Addict. I may not have the best body structure but I think I’m getting there. I was obese during my childhood, hence I did some diet and a lot of workout. I might share some tips about my transformation in the future.

+Medical Student. Yes, I will pursue medicine. Hopefully I could balance blogging and studying. Maybe I’ll study hard and blog harder!

Contact Me:

Email: angel31_tacbad@yahoo.com

Instagram: angel31tacbad

Twitter: angel31tacbad

Tumblr: atandthings.tumblr.com


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