Wandering in Japan

It’s been a while since I post something on this blog, well it is because I had a rough schedule in med school and I couldn’t edit a lot of photos and make a blog post. But now, since I have a bit of free time, I will share my 3rd travel experience in Japan. I guess I quench for another vacation after a hard week of pre-lim exams because it felt like it’s already finals.

Anyway, this was a different travel experience because I did all the planning, in rush! From booking plane tickets, finding hotels and making itinerary. It was my first time doing these things, it was difficult but at same time it’s fun!

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The pros in this would be that it is cheaper, you get to places you want to go, the times is yours, no waking up super early, you could eat anywhere you want, wandering around the city even if you are lost and riding the very nice train system of Japan.

On the other hand, the cons would be the very long walk that my parents almost gave up, no guides to help interpret Nihongo, queuing long lines on some tourist attractions, wasted time because you wander too much and the wrong Shinkansen ticket that almost ruin your itinerary.

Going up to Gala Yuzawa
A very big ONIGIRI!

Unfortunately we lack time to Ski, next time I promise I’ll try this!
Time to play with snow!

Ice on ice it is! Nothing could make me not eat ice cream.

As we went down the mountain, this view came up.
OOTD with the double decked Shinkansen.

Meat night! I love the Wagyu beef.

Trying my best to look okay as the wind breeze through my face.
450 meters above the ground.

It’s my first time eating the Chutoro or Fatty Tuna, and it was like butter!

Sadly, the museum was closed. I was disappointed because I really want to visit this musem.
Welcome to Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum!

A very vintage like place with different ramen stalls on the side.

The busy pedestrian of Shibuya.
Hachiko in costume, kawaii! 🙂
Spend the New Year’s Eve at our hotel, my parents are dead tired so we opt to eat at our room.
Some trees still have flowers even during winter. Can’t wait to go back here during the Fall season.

Overall, I must say that I enjoy making this itinerary and would still try to make plans to create my own vacation. Although I think it is better to go on a personal or group tour when you are with your parents. Long walks could be biggest con of this travel but I like the idea of wandering around, maybe I would do this with my friends.

On my next travel post, i’ll try my best to edit all the photos of our 2015-2016 Japan trip and share with you guys another wonderful winter vacation in Japan but this time it is personal tour with a tour guide.


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