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It has been a month since my last trip in Spain, and I would never forget that Summer trip! Mainly because I am the youngest in our tour group and never thought that they are fun to be with even in a group full of adults in their 60s. Yes we did go to a lot of wine tasting, chit chatting and late dinner party.Β So later on, I would share some of the pictures that I take during my trip. But for now, I’ll share with you my Summer look in Spain and travel experience with my parents.

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What I’m wearing: Wayfarer (Ray-ban), White Shirt (Topman), Henley Neck Shirt (Uniqlo x Lemaire), White Stretch Skinny Jeans (Topman) and Ultra boost (Wood Wood x Adidas).

I must say that I’m lucky enough that my parents won’t travel without me (except this upcoming summer I won’t be able to go with them because of school). Though sometimes travelling with them is a bit restricted. It feels like I’m a child on a crib that they won’t allow me to go out by myself. Come on I’m in my early 20s so basically I want to explore the city by foot, at night and as well as party.

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Well I do understand them that we are in a different country and there are dangers lurking around. So as much as possible I try my best to persaude them to come with me. Sometimes it is a success even at night we would go out but most of it are a failure because they are too tired.

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So, i’ll give you some tips that I tried during my trip with my mom and dad that kind of work with the situation that I had.

Tips on how to enjoy traveling with your parents:

1. Don’t make them too tired! If you are strolling around the city, make at least 5 minutes stop once in a while. Sip some refreshment or buy ice cream for them.

2. Always talk to them, so that they won’t think on how long have you been walking. Tell them how grateful you are that you are with them. Thank them for this trip, I’m sure it’ll put a smile on their face.

3. If you like to picture or do some OOTD’s, don’t hesitate to ask them. Well before I was shy asking my mom to picture me. But now she is an expert in shooting my looks. So just teach them some basic photography, tell them what you want to look like and preset your camera.

4. If you are not in a tour group or don’t have any tour guide, make sure to plan the things that you would do for the day and read the map. Because they will easily be irritated when you are getting lost. Well I like being lost in a new city, it feels good that you see things that you wouldn’t expect. So I plan ahead on how we are going to get lost (evil inside me) but if they ask me where we are I could easily point it on a map.

5. If you like to stroll around or party at night in a different country make sure to bring a sibling, a friend or your cousin. Because I’m 100% sure they won’t allow to go out by yourself, especially at night. Don’t sneek out because this might be your last trip with them.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

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