Gray Transit


Before the school starts, I got a chance to have a 2 week vacation in Spain and Portugal with my family. And I was a bit upset that the weather is too hot like here in the Philippines because I prefer the cooler season, and had hopes that we could go around end of May to early June. But anyway, who am I to decline to this travel opportunity. So our flight is about 10 hours from Manila to Doha, and from Doha to Madrid is 7 hours. Sadly, half of a day is wasted for the traveling time and I need to wear something comfortable for the plane and yet be stylish. So monochromatic hue is somewhat the safest and yet stylish color to wear. With the right mix, your Airport OOTD would be perfect!


What I’m wearing: Long Sleeve Shirt (Red Herring-Debenhams), Oversized Shirt (Uniqlo), Jogger Trouser (Zara), Backpack (Thrift), and NMD (Adidas).


If it becomes to hot, just tie around your layered shirt or jacket on your waist. It definitely add some coolness vibe to your look.


When your traveling be sure to wear something easy and light like this Adidas NMD, it is definitely stylish yet comfortable to a great degree. The boost sole is just perfect and I must say I’m addicted to these Hyped Sneakers.


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