Mustard Storm

Yes! Summer has ended and the rain is pouring every now and then, it’s time to use those raincoats and sweaters that you have been keeping. Although I’m a bit sad that my vacation will end soon, I still am a bit excited on the next chapter of my life in med school. Well I’m doing this post as I wait for my flight (extended vacation before the school starts!) just to kill time, traffic in Manila is a pain in the a**! Hence, we tend to wait for 7 hours in a nearby coffee shop so that we will not be late in our flight.

What I’m wearing: Cap (Zara), Cotton Parka (Lemaire x Uniqlo), Supima Cotton Shirt (Lemaire x Uniqlo), Jeans (Uniqlo), Colored Socks (Thrift), and Leather Stan Smith (Adidas).

I feel like I’m inspired by Paddington’s ensemble, maybe because of the raincoat, sans the boots and the cap that he wears. Well I hope that you like this style and maybe inspired by this during your playtime in the rain.

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