Cloudy Sky


I’m not that kind of person to share about my feelings towards my private life, and as you know if you have read most of my post it’s always about the look itself or what happen during the shoot. So now I’ll talk what had happen during the week that I have been lazy. Sometimes I question myself on why should I post another content on my blog, why would I waste time on making this and that, when I could use the “time” on other things. I don’t know if other people appreciate the kind of post I make, well I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit disappointed on my blog stats that sometimes nobody has read or visit my blog. But then again, I remind myself that I feel happy whenever I post something. This blog is all about the “Things” that I like to show to other people. Well now I answered my questions, as long as you are happy on what you are doing, why bother to stop? The readers are the cherry on top that makes me feel accomplished but I am already satisfied with the post that I produced. So take this as a lesson, ask yourself why you are doing it and what is it for? Does it makes you happy or is it just a waste of time. I hope this could help you in making decision in your life. It is okay to fall so that you can rise, much higher than you think. Like the clouds and the sky!


What I’m wearing: Chambray Blouson (Uniqlo x Lemaire), Oxford Shirt (Topman), Chambray Pleated Shorts (Uniqlo x Lemaire), and All White Haurache (Nike).


I’m a bit addicted to white, blue and earthy colors so I hope you won’t be disappointed with the similarities of my looks.

Photos by Gabby Cabuay


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