Let’s go back to the monochromatic palette since Summer is finally over, I guess. But first, I would like to apologize if I didn’t post much look for this season, well I hope it’s not too late since our weather is mainly hot so I think I can share light outfits this coming June or July. Now back to the outfit, I know that it is raining and wearing white is a bit risky especially for the white shoes. So if you are afraid that it would be hard to clean then don’t wear white shoes but if you dare to wear it, well there are ways to clean it and I will list it down later.


What I’m wearing: Denim Jacket (21Men), Ribbed Shirt (River Island), Jogging Trousers (Zara), and EQT 93 Boost (Adidas).


As they say, you can’t go wrong with white shoes! It is perfect for every color palette right? But cleaning it is a bit tough. So here are some tips to clean it:

  1. Avoid stepping on a muddy puddle! If you can’t, clean it with damp cloth as soon as you’re back at home.
  2. You could also use baby wipes if the stain won’t go.
  3. Another trick would be toothbrush with whitening toothpaste. Brush off that hard to reach areas.
  4. If you have extra money, buy some shoe or sneaker cleaner.
  5. Lastly, if all of the above choices didn’t work, you could use 1 part bleach with 5 parts water. Use again the toothbrush to sweep off that stain.

Photos by Gabby Cabuay


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