Taws & Jeans


A bit addicted to denim for this summer season so I used it again but I paired it with some leather pieces. I guess they mix well together and I like the color combination of blue and brown. I was supposed to post this look for the Valentine’s Day because of the heart shirt but I was busy during the month of February and I received this edited pictures a bit late. Nevertheless, I think now is the perfect time to post this look. Because you can layer clothes even though its scorching hot outside, by wearing light shirts on top of a t-shirt. Because for some they feel empty or doesn’t like to wear a bare t-shirt.


What I’m wearing: Denim Shirt (Springfield), Red Play T-Shirt (Comme des Garcons), Leather Bag (Topman), Stretch Skinny Jeans (Topman), and Leather Stan Smith (Adidas).


Sometimes it’s nice to add some layer to a shirt so that it can be me much more appreciated plus it’s definitely an upgrade to your look.ย  If it’s too hot you can just tie it to your waist. Did you notice that I often wear these pair of jeans for most of my look? Yes it is my favorite and I always pick it whenever I go out because it is comfy and perfect fit for my thighs.

Photos by Gabby Cabuay


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