Lucent Cloister


Why so hot? Not yet ready for that summer body and wardrobe. I think I need a month or two to prepare for it, better start now than never right? As I said on my past post that I still have some winter/spring ready looks and some of you will go to other countries that still have that cold weather, I guess this might help planning your looks for your adventure. So apparently I am not a fan of that sandals and socks combination, I mean it’s a really weird trend but for this look it does look good. Maybe not the best trend but could possibly work because socks do give some comfort and heat when you are strolling on a cold morning in the city. Just stick to the best possible color combination and I promise you that it would look much better.


What I’m wearing: Hat (Human), Cropped Trench Coat (Zara), Poplin Sweatshirt (Zara), Drawstring Trousers (Zara), Socks (Uniqlo), and Sandals (Forever21).


I think the sandals and socks worked well because of the color combination, plus the trench coat masked the look. Do you agree? I already miss traveling, this was taken at Westminster Abbey during my vacation in London last year. It is still cool even though it’s June, hence I wore a socks on sandals.


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