Spring and Summer is coming! I’m still not ready to give up the cold weather because I still have 3 winter ready looks up in my camera. So, I better post it soon before the sun beams so hard. For this look, well the easy yet perfect black ensemble is just right for the freezing climate. As they say winter is the saddest season, and black would exude the same feeling but they do compliment each other because dark colors gives warmth. To give the all black style a bit of quirky vibe, I wore a hashtag sweater.


What I’m wearing: Uniqlo x Lemaire Hooded Coat (Uniqlo), Hashtag Sweater (H&M), White Shirt (Topman), Gloves (Uniqlo), Plush Trousers (Zara), and Ultra Boost Shoes (Adidas).ht16.jpg

I will always be a fan of all black ensemble, it is just so versatile and easy to put on. Although it is dull, I try to mix it up with a bit of pattern to change the vibe. The “Hashtag” sign became a trendย  because of how we use it on social media and to access easily a certain topic that we like to find. So use the hashtag proudly!


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