Harbour Peak


My first look for the year 2016! Feeling the cold winds already? It’s been getting chilly these past few days and ultimately freezing in other parts of the world. Climate change might be true from a very warm holiday season to a chilly new year. I have mixed feelings about it, happy because I’m not sweating but scared of the change in the seasons pattern. Anyway, better pull out your jackets, sweaters and layering because it’s the time to wear it again without perspiring! So this look was taken from my winter vacation in Japan. Had a blast traveling on a winter season, because I never felt how cold was less than 10 degrees Celsius. Probably gonna post my travel story in Japan on February because of school exams (insert sad face).


What I’m wearing: Snapback (Cotton On), Pique Jacket (Zara), Turtle Neck Shirt (Uniqlo), Gloves (Uniqlo), Knit Trousers (Zara), and Zip Chukka Boots (Timberland).


It was freezing and windy, but this spot is just perfect for a photo-shoot in Disney SEA. Luckily, I wore an Inner wear Heattech from Uniqlo. It does really help contain the heat without sacrificing the design and the quality feel of the cotton. I think that this color combination of gray, navy and wheat is perfect, do you agree?


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