Beryl Pike


It’s the time of the year again where most people are happy because it is Christmas. Apart from the material things, a better way to give yourself a gift, is relaxation! Take time to nap,read, indulge in food, shop, travel and be free. Having a break from your endeavor is healthy, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. It’s time to use your savings for something worthy, traveling is a way. Yeah, it cost a lot. But the experience is priceless!


What I’m wearing: Cropped Trench Coat (Zara),Flannel Shirt (Muji), Stretch Skinny Jeans (Topman), and Scuba Look Shoes ( Alexander Wang x H&M).


This photo was taken in a railway station near Reuss River in Lucerne. I must admit, I love to travel to cooler countries. Apart from wearing layers, I like the chilly air that runs through my face and the vapor that you could see whenever you breath.


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