Electro Grid

bw8Long time no see! I’ve been wanting to blog this a look a week ago, but was exhausted in school activities. Anyway, I got another B&W themed look and again a mixture of plain and patterned pieces. The grid kind of reminds me of the ECG paper, hence the name “Electro”. But actually this pattern was a trend during the summer yet still looks “cool” on a “BER” month. It goes well with plain clothing, or if you are a bit adventurous try to wear grid on grid. Both style would look perfect!

bw1What I’m wearing: White Oxford Shirt (Topman), Grid Joggers (21Men), and Black Shoes (Dr.Martens).

bw7Never been a fan of black leather shoes, because it is boring and always reminds of school. But these Docs, definitely change my view on leather shoes, it’s too cool for school!

Photos by Marc Teng and Sef Tiburcio.

bw4Hype this on Lookbook: Electro Grid

Vote this on Chictopia: Electro Grid

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