Route to the Roman Arts

As my adventure continues in Rome, I felt that the city is an art form that whenever you walk in every street you would see the rich culture and amazing buildings that differs from the urban city. But touring the Vatican Museum, Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre and Piazza del Popolo, turned my visual psyche in awe! It is really unbelievable to think that they’ve finish such define piece of art and constructs it with devotion to make it look fascinating.

DSC04542_EDT DSC04548_EDT DSC04576_EDT DSC04578_EDT DSC04588_EDT DSC04592_EDT - Copy DSC04596_EDT DSC04609_EDT DSC04615_EDT DSC04620 DSC04627_EDT DSC04629_EDT DSC04636_EDT DSC04644_EDTΒ  DSC04654_EDT DSC04661_EDT DSC04667_EDT

DSC04687_EDTDSC04708_EDTDSC04735_EDT DSC04740_EDT DSC04748_EDT DSC04751_EDT DSC04757_EDTDSC04782DSC04760_EDT

DSC04762_EDT DSC04778_EDT DSC04797_EDT DSC04801_EDT DSC04804_EDT DSC04805_EDT DSC04806_EDT DSC04814_EDT DSC04822_EDT DSC04829_EDT


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