It’s raining lately and a bit gloomy, yet still hot. How I wish the temperature would drop a bit so that I could wear some hooded sweats and a jacket. My creative mind is still on vacation, processing my recent trip and missing the cool weather. I really love the atmosphere of London, England it is a mixture of history, urban, arts and street fashion. Yes, most people, well the youth, has a very good sense of street style. A blend of street, modern, bold and chic with less avant garde like the Parisians and sleek like the Italians.

undgtmb1What I’m wearing: Suede and Leather Shirt (H&M x Alexander Wang), Urban Sweat Hoodie (Uniqlo x Alexandre Plokhov), Mid-calf Drawstring Sweatpants (21Men), and Tubular Runner (Adidas).

undgtmb7Black, grey and white shades are becoming my favorite, it is somewhat easy yet fashionable to style with. Hoping that the upcoming rainy days would bring breezy winds, so that I could wear this ensemble again.

Photos by my dad.


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