Mint Pillar

I’m still in awe after my unforgettable vacation in Europe. Two weeks of adorning the art, fashion and culture that they had preserve, it is unbelievable how they created such majestic pieces of painting, sculpture and building. Touring Italy, Switzerland, Paris and London, was exciting not only to see what people did ages ago but also the fine fashion that they wear everyday. So the first stop of my tour was Italy. Italians,has an elegant fashion style and likes fine pieces of clothing from crafted leather bags and shoes to dresses and suits. They are really fashionable during the night time, they treat dinners like a business meeting. Since it’s almost summer in Italy, they tend to wear casual clothing during the day. Sometimes it’s breezy whenever the sun is out so a good sweater would definitely salvage you from chills.

What I’m wearing: Striped Cotton Sweater (H.E. by Mango), Jogging Fit Jeans (Pull&Bear), Watch (Nixon), and Fashion Sports Shoes(Pull&Bear).

I don’t know if I blend well from the Italians sense of style, but this look is definitely fit from the weather during our tour. Since white shoes is the trend this summer, I pair it with a bit of spring color, Mint, and an edgy denim jogging pants to compliment the plain white shoes.

Photos by my mom.

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