Nobu Dream


Last week was a delightful and flavorful experience because I celebrated my birthday at the famed Nobu Restaurant in City of Dreams Manila. Nobu offers a mixture of Japanese and Peruvian-inspired dishes, that would definitely embolden your taste buds. It is a casual-fine dining restaurant, open only during breakfast and dinner.


Genmia Cha with Matcha, roasted rice tea with a hint of matcha, it’s bold and strong but definitely compliment the dishes well.

The service staff would suggest to order at least two appetizer and a salad, before indulging into the main dishes.


Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, a delicate fish with mild sauce and cilantro. This dish was delicious, it’s like butter that melts in your mouth with a hint of spice and plus the luscious herby-taste of the cilantro.


Vegetable and Pork Nobu Style Taco. I have mixed feelings about this dish, cause it is bite sized and I want more. It’s packed of wonderful savory flavor and I would want bigger size of this taco! Sadly, the Wagyu taco isn’t available.


Salmon Skin Salad, a simple salad with a crispy skin of salmon topped with bonito flakes on a light soy vinaigrette. I like it but not that special.


Rock Shrimp (Creamy Spicy), a battered fried shrimp with mayo dressing. This dish reminds me of hot shrimp salad from Chinese restaurant. But I really love the taste and creaminess of this dish plus the added spice balances the dressing. You might like to try the other flavors, Creamy Jalapeno and Butter Ponzu.


Mixed Seafood Toban-Yaki. One of our favorite dish, it’s light and packed with proteins from the sea with edamame, asparagus and enoki mushrooms. 


Shrimp Wasabi Pepper. a nice sauteed shrimp with zuccini, capsicum and baby corn on a Wasabi pepper sauce. It was okay, I just wish it would be much more spicy. I was a bit confused that I ordered a lot of seafood. Maybe because I was upset that the Wagyu beef isn’t available. Anyway, it was holy week so seafood would be good.


Nobu’s House Special Sushi Roll, it’s like a Futomaki but a bit bigger and it is packed with a lot fish from the ocean (Salmon, Tuna, White fish, Snow Crab and Fish Roe). It was good, but the soy sauce was too salty.


Sakura Tofu Chesecake with Salted Caramel Sauce. I love it! The salted caramel sauce compliments the simple taste of this tofu cheesecake plus some strawberry on the side, gives this dessert an extra kick.


Chocolate Bento Box. It is a bitter sweet chocolate lava cake, served with Matcha Ice Cream to give some Japanese taste to this dessert.


Overall, it was an awesome experience to eat at Nobu Restaurant. The downside would be the price of the food and it is serve in small portions. Maybe because it’s more of the taste experience rather than being full. You could really taste all the ingredients and they compliment each other. I would love to comeback and try the other dishes, particularly the Wagyu dishes and Black Cod Miso. I suggest to reserve some seats earlier in the day if you are planning for dinner.

Nobu Restaurant

* Location: City of Dreams Manila, Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue Brgy. Tambo, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

* Operating Hours: Breakfast and Dinner 

* More info, visit their site: Nobu Manila


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