Vague Tropic

Summer has begun but it won’t hinder me for wearing black. Although they say black absorbs heat, I’ll just stay in an air conditioned area! 😀 Floral or tropical pattern seems to be the trend during summer and the color black, isn’t one of them. Mixing both seems to be rebellious and uncertain but it’s edgy. 

What I’m wearing: Bowler Hat (Human), Floral Football T-Shirt (Topman), Mid-Calf Drawstring Sweatpants (21Men), and Sneakers with Zips (Zara).

The shirt is made of polyester and yes, it’s absorbs heat but still comfy. I add the bowler hat to this look to give it a more edgy style. You can never go wrong with black, it looks good with any patterns.

Photos by my mom.

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