Plaid Spinel

What a wonderful weather it is! Am I right? The sweater weather still continues and as expected January is much more cooler than December. So why not put some additional layers on your outfit for this month or grab some sweats and jackets for the breezy winds. As I said before, black is my favorite of color for this year. But I add the color red for it to be more much lively and I’m a little bit not over for the holiday season so it is in Plaid Pattern. This look also features one item from the Alexander Wang x H&M collection.

What I’m wearing: Spiked Cap (21Men), Sweatshirt with Zipper Detail (Zara), Plaid Pants (Zara), Backpack (Thrift Shop) and Scuba Look Shoes (Alexander Wang x H&M).

Still not over for Plaid, it may look “Noelish” but would still work as a daily patterned outfit. I think it worked well with black pieces, especially with the sweatshirt. This Black Zippered Sweatshirt is actually two in one outfit, you can unzip it to remove the sleeves if the weather is a bit hot and it would work well during this coming Spring-Summer season.

Better late than never, right? I know that it is almost a month after this Alexander Wang X H&M items had released but they still look cool even without the hype. I wish I had a much bigger size for this shoes, they fit good like a scuba shoes but it hurts a bit after a long walk.

Photos by my dad.

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