Nu Juncture


Happy New Year everyone! The year 2014 was full of challenge from graduating B.S. Medical Technology to becoming a full pledge Medical Technologist, it does bring good and bad memories but I’ll keep it as a life lesson. I hope that my 2015 would be great and exciting year, with a bit of challenges and full of surprises. So for the first look this year, I wore a Polka Dot to bring luck and fortune!


What I’m wearing: Satin Pilot Jacket (H&M), Polka Dot Shirt (H&M), Jogger Pants (21Men), and Emery Shoes (Dr. Martens).


Wearing a Polka Dots during the New Year is one tradition of Filipinos because it is a belief that it would bring good luck and money. Since I’m a bit addicted to dark tones because of Alexander Wang, I mix the shirt with black pieces and add a neon orange lace for a bit of fun.

Photos by my mom.


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