Cafe by the Ruins DUA

Visiting Baguio during the holiday season is perfect if you want to feel the chilly breeze of air and the smell of pine trees. Another thing would be because of food like the famed Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam and Baguio Country Club’s Raisin Bread. But don’t forget to visit the different restaurant and cafes that serve the freshest produce of Baguio. An example would be the Cafe by the Ruins, this cafe has been one of the most visited cafes by the travelers and a bit hard to visit during the weekend (cause of the many enthusiastic foodies, like me :P). Fear not, because they have open a new one in 225 Upper Session Road called the Cafe by the Ruins DUA.

The Cafe by the Ruins DUA, serves only coffee, breakfast, lunch, some selection sandwiches, and pasalubong items. Thus opens in the morning of 7am to 3pm in mid afternoon, daily. If you want to try a larger variety of their menu, better go to the main cafe.

The place doesn’t have the famed brick wall that explains the ruins, instead it is a bright and cool ambiance like a modern house that has the kick of art like the main cafe.

Kamote Bread with Kesong Puti and Basil, one of their signature bread and a must try appetizer.

Rizal’s Tsokolate-e, a rich hot chocolate with carabao’s milk. It is really delicious and my dad consumed all even though it is big.

Tortilla de Patatas, a spanish omelet filled with potatoes and Baguio style longaniza served with rice and fresh fruits. I ordered this, it was yummy and very filling.

Ruin’s Breakfast, the same Baguio style longaniza in the omelet served with egg,rice and fresh fruits. It’s is actually big and if you don’t care about having a high cholesterol, might as well munch it up.

Bacon and Eggs, a thick slices of home cured-bacon served with egg, rice and fresh fruits. Bacon is bacon, won’t explain much further! πŸ™‚

We love it and would come back next time for another wonderful breakfast.

There is also an exhibit during our visit, the Curious Nature by Coy and Izel Placido.

Below are some of the cool art that I snap.

Cafe by the Ruins Dua

  • Lacation: 225 Upper Session Road, Baguio City
  • Operating Hours : 7am to 3pm, Daily
  • More info, visit their page: Cafe by the Ruins


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