Rugged Tartan


December is here and Christmas is almost there! Tartan era has begun! So for the first look this Christmas season, I’m a bit excited to wear tartan patterns and mix it with dark toned pieces. It is a bit street (Rugged) but still has that aura for the holiday season.


What I’m wearing: Vest (21Men), Tartan Shirt (River Island), Denim Shorts (Penshoppe), and Shoes (DC Shoes).

It’s been cooler lately, so I opt to wear a vest jacket. The jacket is not that too thick hence, you can endure the hot beam of the sun. The tartan pattern will surely be spotlight during this season and I did compliment it with dark colors, so it would pop up more. I like the idea of mixing street look with a more preppy tone clothing like this tartan shirt. Thus giving a vibe of Christmas Street Look that is perfect for strolling around the city during the holiday season.


Photos by Rose Ira and Ris Ira


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