It a was gloomy morning when I decided to accompany my dad for his check-up and was a bit confused if it would rain or not. And I was lucky that the rain pours, means time to wear my jacket. Though I did stroll around the city after the rain subside, it was a bit cool with a bright morning sun. I wore a mime like hooded jacket that I got on sale a few months back, hence the name of this look! πŸ™‚

What I’m wearing: Hooded Jacket (21 Men), Grey Shirt (Springfield), Jogger Pants (21 Men), Watch (Kenneth Cole), Backpack (Thrift Store), and Shoes (Comme des Garcons).

Most of the pieces in this look are basic but when you combine them it would look more cool and stylish. I’m more of a patterned kind of style but sometimes it is better to choose basics. I like the color blocking and I think I did pull off this look.

Photos by my mom.

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