Blooming Dusk

I had a hard time thinking of what should I wear for a Cafe Hopping (will blog soon!) cause of the ever changing weather in the Philippines (you know what I mean O-O). It came to my mind that I would wear a shirt and a chino pants but I don’t want it to be that simple. Hence, I added some accessories.

What I’m wearing: Floral Shirt (Fred Perry), Backpack (Aldo), Chino Pants (Topman), Suspenders (Zara), Socks (Topman), and Lunargrand Shoes (Cole Haan).

I’m in love with this floral shirt and maybe my favorite as of now. But I had hard time on what pants should I pair it with and ended up to a black chino pants. So I added some suspenders that adds some coolness to the style. Then I wore a checkered red socks to compliment the shirt and a brown shoes. It maybe somewhat Preppy with a hint of Street, that is perfect for cafe hopping and walking around the city.

Photos by GDCC

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