Storm Loop

It has been a crazy week, raining then after the sun is rising. I’m really torn if I should wear a hooded jacket or just a shirt or why not both but I would soak in sweat. So I decided to wear a sleeveless hooded vest, plaid shirt, plus a jeans and boots. So it can be both stylish at same time ready for what nature would call upon the weather.

What I’m wearing: Hooded Vest (21 Men), Plaid Shirt (H&M), Leggings Jeans (Uniqlo) and Wiley Boots (Dr. Martens).

I was a bit hesitant that I wore the boots with an army pattern to a plaid shirt. But it turns out pretty cool and it complements well. The hooded vest is just right for the shirt as it accentuates the pattern and you are ready if the rain starts pouring. It wouldn’t protect you from a storm but might help you at least find an area to cover.

Photos by my mom.

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