Minimal Whiff

It has been cold lately and I love it. I’m more of a cool person (literally?!), I like breeze of air cause I don’t sweat. And also BER month is coming (bit nervous for the board exam :O) means more cold days! So I put out my sweats and sleeved shirt, and then put it on!


What I’m wearing: ¾ Sleeve Striped Shirt (Muji), Leggings Jeans (Uniqlo), Watch (Puma), Socks (Topman), Bag (Ted Baker), and Great Jones Saddle Shoes (Cole Haan).


I like this ¾ sleeved shirt, it’s minimal and cool. I paired it with a dark colored jeans, accented it with a socks and put on a dress shoe.


Photos by my mom.


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