Indefinite Surge

This week was very frightening and my family were blessed that we are not that much affected by the typhoon. I wish that those who are badly affected by the recent storm surge would have hope and strength, that they can rise again and live. May God bless us and no matter challenges or calamities that we may face, we should have faith and hope. So for this look, I tried to mix denim to dark toned clothing.

What I’m wearing: Hooded Shirt (Red Herring at Debenhams), Denim Shirt (Cotton On), Skinny Shorts (Topman), and Wiley Boots (Dr.Martens).

The weather is a bit odd (Raining but sometimes hot), so I wore a skinny short and paired it with a denim shirt. Then put on a hooded shirt if it’s raining. The boots added some accent to the whole look.

Photos by my mom.

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