Tribal Crash

The weather is surely weird, sometimes it’s hot maybe too hot and like today it’s raining. Also, the problem of many people would be the infestation of mosquitoes, so guys be sure to clean your room, house and apply Anti-mosquito lotion to your skin. So for this look, I was really amazed on the patterns of the shirt and gave me an idea to pair it with a maroon chino pants and black brogues.


What I’m wearing: Tribal Shirt (Cotton On), Chino Pants (Topman), Gingham Socks (Topman) and Brogue Shoes (Dr. Martens).


I like the intricate tribal pattern of the shirt from Cotton On, paring it with the Maroon chino pants really brings out the shirt.


This brogues from Dr. Martens, is really wonderful although it’s a bit hard , so I wore a Gingham socks from Topman. The socks add a playfulness to the overall look and it’s now much more comfortable.

Photos by my mom.


Hype this on Lookbook: Tribal Crash


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