Rabbit Hole

I was so busy at school and can’t find time to blog a look that I posted in Lookbook last month. Hence, I do apologize for the delay. My idea for this look is that I want to be more edgy and a little bit of dark but with somewhat comical “slash” preppy look.

What I’m wearing: Rabbit Shirt (Topman), Hooded Vest (21Men), Chino Pants (Topman) and Converse Shoes (Comme des Garcons).

The Rabbit Shirt from Topman really caught my attention but I was hesitant to buy because I might not pull it off. Luckily, it fits perfectly and I paired it with the Hooded Vest from 21Men. I was surprised that both had a great combination, dark “slash” preppy as I say.

I did pair it with black chino and my favorite converse shoes. I know that the combination of White and Black is a simple and safe choice. But it’s very classic and it looks much better rather than clashing it with other colors. I would definitely suggest to try to combine preppy or comical pieces to a classic or dark toned clothes. It would turn out to be cooler and edgier.

Photos by GdCc

Hype this on Lookbook: Rabbit Hole


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