Ending Breeze

The cool breeze has ended and summer is about to come. But before she swarm the heat, I’ll end the chilly weather with a look. So for this look I was able to match the basic reversible jacket with a cool shirt print and pair it with a mustard pants. The bow was able to finish the look for a more preppy kind of style.


What I’m wearing: Reversible Jacket (Uniqlo), Short Sleeved Shirt (Perry Ellis), Bow tie (Springfield), Mustard Slim Chino (Topman) and Mid Cut Shoes (DC Shoes).


Reversible Jacket from Uniqlo and Shirt from Perry Ellis, both are perfect match even if I reverse the jacket it’s still good. I highly recommend that you buy the jacket because it is multipurpose (black side is a windbreaker and the grey side is a fleece jacket) and very stylish. The bow tie from Springfield upgraded the look to a more semi-formal and preppy style.


Photos by my mom.


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