Cool Aztec

The weather this January 2014 is very cloudy and cool. And I’m happy about it, so that I could wear my sweatshirts! I’ve been buying a lot of sweatshirt this days and I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s COOL?! And also there’s a lot of good design that is coming out. Well as for my first look this 2014, I proudly present to you the Cool Aztec. I did post this on Lookbook a weeks ago and I’m sorry for not blogging about it cause I was really busy.

What I’m wearing: Aztec Sweatshirt (Topman), Coated Earflap Cap (Forever21), Jeans (Topman), Watch (Nixon) and Mid Cut Shoes (DC Shoes).

Aztec Sweatshirt from Topman, I want the print to pop up so I did pair it with a basic jeans, plain gray shoes and a blue earflap cap. Aztec print has a lot of geometrical design that have been a craze last year and it’s still trendy.

Coated Earflap Cap from Forever21, this cap is perfect for the weather if you want warmth on your ears! I’m really glad that I bought this one cause very stylish and did finish the look. The combination of the Cap, Jeans and Mid Cut Shoes from DC shoes, did bring the Aztec sweatshirt to the next level.

Photos by my mom.

Hype this on Lookbook: Cool Aztec

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