Got Denimed!

Denim shirts and denim on denim are a fad these days. Hence, this is my tribute for the on going craze. But I don’t want it to be too much, so stick to a more cool and sleek way.image

What I’m wearing: Denim Shirt (Springfield), Chino Pants (Topman), Tie (Topman), Shades (H&M), Lacoste Watch (L timestudio)and Boat Shoes (Sebago)


Denim shirt from Springfield, Shades from H&M and Tie from Topman. The denim shirt says it all, but Iย  added a bit of accessories to make it more cool. The tie and shades gives punk look to the shirt.


Pants from Topman and Shoes from Sebago, I don’t want to pair my shirt with denim, instead I paired it with a mustard chino so that it would contrast. The dark denim shirt pops with the mustard pants. Plus boat shoes will do the trick.

Photos by my dad.


Hype this look on Lookbook: Got Denimed!


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