Military Mimicry

Camouflage look is very popular these days, I think because it shows toughness and it’s stylish as well. I know that most of my looks are on the preppy side :D….but this time I want to show a bit of roughness, edginess and street styling.


What I’m wearing: Camouflage Tee (Forever 21), Sleeveless Hoodie (Topman), Watch (Cotton On), Leggings Jeans (Uniqlo) and Wiley Boots (Dr. Martens)


Camouflage Tee from Forever 21, Sleeveless Hoodie from Topman, and Watch from Cotton On. Surprisingly, all of them match together. I was a bit hesitant to match the grey hoodie with the shirt, but it turns out to be a good combination.


Wiley Boots from Dr. Martens, I’m addicted to mid cut boots! I don’t know why but I have more than 4 pairs of shoes that is mid cut. I really love Dr. Martens because of their style and it adds an inch to my height XP.


Even though I’m wearing a rough look, I still can’t remove my quirkiness hehehe.

Photos by my mom.

Hype this look on Lookbook: Military Mimicry


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