Carrot & Cobalt

This look is simple yet wonderful. I love the combination of orange and blue because they help each other to pop out. It exudes a corporate feel but also workable for a party.


What I’m wearing: Button Down Shirt (H&M), Chino Pants (Topman), Watch (Lacoste), Skoling Despatch Bag (Ted Baker) and Emery Shoes (Dr. Martens)


Button Down Shirt from H&M, one of my favorite shirt. It’s simple but elegant at the same time.


Skoling Despatch Bag from Ted Baker, it looks thin but surprisingly a DSLR camera can fit inside!


Emery Shoes from Dr. Martens, one of the best shoes that I bought. I like the detail of the neon orange lining because it adds a bit of quirkiness to the plain look.

Photos by GdCc


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