Crimson Preppy

It was a bright and sunny Friday, no more rains and floods. I encourage my mom to go to the mall after a long weekend in the house doing nothing. But before going to the mall, I had a shoot in an Intramuros like garden located in the office of my dad.

So my inspiration for my look is basically the preppy look or I call it “scholarly school look” (Others call it nerdy look).


What I’m wearing: Maroon Polo Shirt (Cotton On), Sweater (H.E. by Mango), Red Herring Watch (Debenhams), Chino Pants (Topman) and Suede Mid Shoes (Fred Perry).


Sweater from H.E. by Mango, I like how the vanilla color of the sweater complements the dark red color of the shirt. It’s a bit cool that morning so a sweater adds warmth.


Watch from Debenhams, I know that the blue detail is off the color of the outfit but I like the detail of it and added a bit of street style.


Mid Suede Shoes from Fred Perry, I got this last year and had a hard time to find a match for this. The color is amazing and change to a bit whitish color.

Photos by my mom.


Hype this look on Lookbook : Crimson Preppy

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